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    Dongying Nuoer Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. Adjacent to the second largest oilfield, Shengli Oil field, it is lied in the yellow river delta of Bohai. Being integrated with research, production, sales, and service, the company is a high-tech professional manufacturer of polyacrylamide with annual production capacity of 150,000 tons and over 800 employees. Our products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions home and abroad, covering the global sales network and after-sales service system.

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    Variety of authentication: ISO9001, ISO14001, CCC, ECE, SGS;  Company Honours: AAA enterprise in national quality, reputation and service, Shandong Star Enterprise, Enterprise Excellent Product Award in paper making chemicals industry, Shandong Backbone Enterprises in Environmental protection industry, Corporate integrity of Dongying City, municipal grade Trustworthy Enterprise, the efficient and harmonious ecological zones building enterprise of the Yellow River Delta.

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    World leading product quality

    Adopt the most advanced production lines, strictly supervise every process

  • 2

    First-class scientific research and development

    Sufficient funding and professional R&D team, with 26 national patents for

  • 3

    Sound after-sale service

    Have excellent after-sale service team both in domestic and abroad, timely detection, rapid feedback

  • 4

    Strict internal management

    Nuoer always believe in strict product quality,internal management system is the assurance of

  • 5

    Fruitful business resources and organizations

    Rich client resources and trade channels home and abroad

  • 6

    Broad social resourcese

    Great business connections with the state organs at all levels

  • 03Success Cases

    Shanxi Yanchang Oil Field

  • Nuoer Chemical is engaged in cooperating with DONGYING SHENGSHI Oil Science Engineer Teams, keep making technological innovations in CPAM production, improving the output of oil through chemicals advantages. Pay close attention to Green petrochemicals and revolution of oil production

  • Nuoer independently developed “Slickwo” online oilfield fracturing system which has been applied successfully in WUQI factory YANCHAN Oilfield, as the world's easier operated fracturing fluid technology, it has the better reservoir protection, lower resistance, more sand-carrier and more yield

  • BJ ENT Water

  • In April 2012, our sales manager Mr. Xie tested NUOER Cationic PAM flocculant effect used in Cengdu Shuangliu WWTP of BJ ENT WATER, the results shows a great success which satisfy all persons on spot, and facilitate the final transaction

  • In actual application of NUOER Cationic PAM, the net surface sludge shows good flocculant effect and fast water filter. In terms of sludge dewatering process, the mud cake thickness and the dry mud output is obviously improved. During this test, Nuoer product successfuly reduce the operating cost and meet the experimental standard, which achieved great acclaim

  • Sichuan Titanium Industry

  • In July 2014, NUOER Cationic PAM passed the lab test selection and got access to LONGMANG Titanium Industry actual application. Compared with products of other factories, NUOER performed outstanding advantages in terms of water clarity and solid/liquid separation

  • In actual application, NUOER CPAM play important role in reducing operating cost because of fewer dosage

  • Bohui Pape Industry

  • In Aug, 2008, NUOER Cationic PAM paper retention agent was tested on production line, achieved outstanding success. NUOER and BOHUI Paper-making Industry signed the formal purchase order.Nuoer supply superior product and professional service, and engaged in bringing best profits to customers

  • NUOER CPAM paper retention agent plays leading role in this line, which adopted US Ashland Technology, research and develop new products, have good retention and filtering performance.When it is used in dual retention system combined with bentonite particles, NUOER CPAM shows better effect in absorbing and resisting the adhesive of system, cleaning wet system, reducing the broken paper rate, extending the life cycle of net and blanket, reducing the outage cleaning frequency, and improving the performance of paper machine operation

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